"How I Sold A Rug On The Facebook
Marketplace In Just 3 Minutes..."

...Without Using Ads, Boosted Posts, Or Any 'Fancy' Tools

Topher Fangio, The Practical Action Guy
(Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Decade-long Marketplace Seller)

  • Secret #1 – How to Hook potential buyers so they stop scrolling and read your listing!
  • Secret #2 – Crafting a Story that engages their emotions so that they want to buy!
  • Secret #3 – Lay out a perfect Offer to overcome their objections so they buy immediately!

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  • Bonus Lesson #1 – How to take amazing pictures so buyers can envision the product in their home!
  • Bonus Lesson #2 – Why proper communication is the key to closing the sale and how to rock it!
  • Bonus Lesson #3 – How to stay safe and avoid scammers and other nefarious types!
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Testimonials: What Are People Saying?

"Social Marketplace Secrets Works!!!

I was trying to sell a commercial grade shampoo bowl (the type used in a beauty salon) and was having NO success. A shampoo bowl has a pretty limited audience of buyers.

Then I took Topher's Social Marketplace Secrets course and created an ad including all the essential parts - the hook, the story, the offer, great pics, and I threw in a free gel neck rest.

Only 6 days later the shampoo bowl sold!!! The asking price was $99, but the buyer paid $99 + $1 tip = $100!

Social Marketplace Secrets has the 'secrets' we all need to close the sale + some!"

- Karen L. Texas
"I've had a popcorn popper listed for months! I went through the entire SMS course and on Monday evening I used the things I learned to update the title of my post and add a story. It's only Wednesday and I already have a buyer!"

- Ann F. Texas
"I used SMS to update my bedroom set listing and I have a buyer! He says he will pick it up on Monday which means I sold it in 6 days and for a higher price than I had formerly listed it for!"

- Ann F. Texas
"Social Marketplace Secrets was so helpful. Not only a collection of useful tips, but also explanations of how to pay attention to each part of the process, and why it all works so well. It gave me a process to follow and also everything I need to adjust for any various listings I may have."

- Daniel B. Texas
"Straight to the point, detailed enough to follow but not overwhelming. I like how short it is...All in all, I believe it's a fantastic tool and will be helpful to many people."

- Stacy B. Texas
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